Phoning it in Phriday: Must Reads for March 22-29

It’s been a relatively slow news week, in Palestine and Israel. So the articles we are highlighting this week are a bit more big-picture pieces than current events. But they are well worth your time this weekend. If you think we missed an important article, leave a comment below.

  • Starting things off on a positive note today, Sami Michael, President of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, has a fabulous op-ed in Ynet arguing against the epidemic of racism spreading throughout his country. 
  • Khaled Elgindy of the Brookings Institute criticizes U.S. politicians and media personalities for failing to take notice of internal Palestinian politics when talking about the Middle East.

[T]he United States continues to operate as though Abbas’ West Bank leadership has no political opposition or public opinion to answer to. For too long, American policymakers have treated Palestinian politics as something that can be avoided, suppressed or, if need be, reshaped. Indeed, if an accommodation is to be made, it is usually Palestinian politics that must bend to the perceived needs of the peace process rather than the other way around.

After reading Khalidi’s revelations, a Western liberal in favour of the Two State solution, as envisaged in the Oslo Accords, might well feel as though he has been sitting at the children’s table at a wedding for the past 20 years oblivious to the fact that the adults have been busy entrenching a system of Israeli occupation on the West Bank, which makes a Palestinian state a near impossibility.

  • And finally, the Alternative Information Center captures these incredible images from Palm Sunday processions protesting against restrictions to the practice of religion throughout Palestine.


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