A very personal Torah Thursday

Every Thursday, Jeremiah’s Laments engages in some anti-Zionist bible study in an effort to think about what a different kind of Judaism might look like.

Today until sundown is the tenth yahrtzeit (Hebrew calendar anniversary) of Gary E. Rubin‘s z”l passing. My father was a life-long supporter of a liberal-Zionist vision of Israel and Palestine. As such, I’m not sure he’d agree with much of what I write here. In fact, given that I’ve inherited his love of argumentation, I’m sure we would have had many long and intense arguments. But I do feel that my analysis flows directly out of the principles he instilled in me. And the idea of Torah Thursday certainly owes quite a bit to my father’s dedication and critical engagement with his faith.

So in his honor, I present one of his favorite editorials, “The Dispossessed” (click it for larger version). My father had us read this at the Seder table every Passover. Why did we read an op-ed about Purim on Passover? I’m not entirely sure. It has its problems but it is still a nice interpretation and well worth a read.The Dispossesed


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