Phoning it in Phriday: Must Reads for Mar 30 – Apr 5

I admit it. I’ve been a bit slow on the production front these past few weeks. But I got some good stuff in the works, so next week should be seeing some substantive analysis and opinion pieces. In the meantime, here are the best articles on Palestine and Israel I read this past week.

  • National Democratic Assembly (Balad) secretary-general Awad Abdel Fattah chronicles his interactions with Israeli authorities in Ben Gurion airport. It is very much worth a read, as Mr. Fattah does a fantastic job responding to the standard tropes of Zionists. For example:

He [Shin Bet official] answered: “I am not racist. I am leftist.”

I asked skeptically: “Can you tell me what you mean by left? You are Zionist left. The left, as I know it, is against racism and is identified with universal values of equality between all human beings and with social justice. The Zionist left doesn’t uphold those values.” 

  • While I find the apartheid analogy both useful and accurate, it is always good to be mindful of the similarities and differences between Palestine and Israel. Al-Shabaka has an interesting policy profile from Samer Abdeinour in which “he reveals Israeli apartheid to be far more sophisticated than that of South Africa and suggests directions for thinking and action to overcome Israel apartheid.” Not sure how useful the language of “more or less” evil is useful here, but the piece is still worth a look.
  • For those who want a less academic, shorter, or just different but aso very good discussion of the apartheid analogy, +972mag has an explanation for why using the term is essential when talking about Israeli policies.
  • The New York Times once again features an op-ed about Israel’s ever increasing distance from true democracy, this time from Avraham Berg. While I am skeptical fo the narrative that Israel today is the result of secular socialist Zionists’ having been replaced with their religious Zionist brethren  the increasingly critical tone of the New York Times Op-Ed page may be a harbinger of changing elite public opinion in the United States.
  • Electronic Intifada highlights a fascinating upcoming conference at Boston University on how to practically implement the Right of Return. These sorts of conferences are esential for moving beyond talking points towards policy.
  • Finally, Israel Social Media highlights the ongoing high-apartheid regime that characterizes Hebron, something we have repeatedly emphasized ourselves, including in my favorite Meme for Palestine thus far.



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