Are young Jews becoming less Zionist? A ray of optimism.

A few days back, my high school alma mater sent out an email, bragging about it’s great educational accomplishments:

Our school promotes a love of Israel in my children – Results: 71% of SSLI parents strongly agreed, giving us the second highest score in the country, and a full 21% higher than our peer schools.

Assuming that “our peer institutions” refers to Jewish Day Schools in the United States (not sure if this would include Modern Orthodox Yeshivas, but I’d guess that it does), this means that fully 50% of young Jews who graduate these schools do not express a “love for Israel,” at least not in the eyes of the parents who sent them there. Thirteen years of an education whose ever-increasing focus is to instill a single political message in their students and, yet, only half express the desired emotional bond? Not too shabby.

Is it possible that young Jews are increasingly skeptical of this narrative, which conflicts with our social values and religious beliefs? Well, I don’t have access to the survey results, so I just don’t know.  But one can certainly hope! And some days, that is enough.

Hat tip to @Shawnabraham for calling my attention to this. 


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